Lord titles for sale

A world in which Lord and Lady Titles are for Sale

We do not live anymore in a post-Carolingian society where feudal titles of Lord, lady, Baron, Count or a Prince are a part of our daily lives. However, all of us that like the old world, old things, traditions, pomp, glamour and social betterment do like our Lord, Lady and Baron Titles.

Our purpose is to indicate you how you too can be a part of the privileged classes, by showing you how you can acquire a Lord, Lady or Baron title, or even a Prince title!


These are legal, effective, inheritable royal and noble titles that you can use everywhere for the purpose of changing and improving your life, for display, for show, or for whatever reasons you consider appropriate.

We all need to be different. It is beautiful to imagine a world in which we discover that we also can be part of the nobility, and be Lords, Ladies, Barons, Princes or Princesses. In a way, to become a Lord or Lady, a Baron or a Baroness, is a new and truly fascinating adventure, a life-changing voyage into becoming part of the elite.

The perks of being a Lord, Baron, Count or Prince are many. We all love recognition, social standing and know how to climb the social ladder.

These titles are also impressive gifts for friends and family, and a unique and very interesting way to show that you care for someone else. Also, if you are interested in family values, these titles are very interesting as a way to start a tradition, have something in common with your loved ones and friends, and much more. Above all, you will possess something unique that everybody desires for themselves.

Complete list of Benefits of buying a German Lord or Lady Title

  1. German Royalty has always been different, arrogant, unapproachable, and exclusive to the point of being distant, with an enormous sense of self-importance.
  2. The Grandeur of the German Lords and Ladies, Barons, Counts and Princes has always been enormous. German Titles are true continental European noble titles, always reminding us of legendary empires and monarchies that ceased to exist, like the German Empire, the Baltic Parts of the Russian Empire, The Austro-Hungarian Empire, and all that “Prisoner of Zenda” flavour.
  3. Through our Germanic titles you will enter a world almost forgotten and be given the opportunity to revive it. A world of beautiful and elegant women, impeccably dressed princes and princesses, amazons that ride horses with the utmost elegance, officers in the style of “Rupert of Hentzau”, sabres, waltzes, mazurkas, and classical music. It is to relive again the world of the “belle époque”, where men were true men and women true women.
  4. The German Baltic flavour, with its mixture of German and Russian styles, makes our titles truly unique, very much in the Ana Karenina and Count Vronski style.
  5. Our titles are different, very few people have them, and so they are exclusive. Our webpage is not very visited, and we want it to stay that way. The more elitist, the better.
  6. Our titles are inheritable
  7. We always add a guide of correct use and a Master Title Deed, just in case you want to add your name to documents like Credit Cards or Chequebooks and Bank Accounts
  8. We always give you our beautiful medal, the livonian Blue Max!!
  9. The usual privileges attached to this type of titles, like Free Hotel Upgrades, better treatment in Airlines, impressing people, etc.


How to Become a Lord or Lady in Europe

Through our website you will be able to find how to make your dream come true and be part of the Ancient European Nobility.


With our noble and royal packages you will be able to obtain an absolutely first class service where you receive a truly magnificent documentation package, with a wonderful set of documents, letters patents with golden seals, historical maps, guide to use your title, a master title deed and also a neck medal in gold and blue enamel, that you can wear in black tie events.

Our Medals are also first class, produced with the best materials, and are an impressive addition to our package. Men and women alike love our medals and young people too. From collectors of curiosities to collectors of honours, from merely curious people to intelligent social climbers and adventurers, many intelligent people buy our services in order to get not only the fantastic documentation package but also our wonderful medals and decorations, in truly “belle époque fashion”, like the very posh German flyboys of The Great War.

Our medals and titles of Lord, Baron, Count or Prince are some of the most appreciated retro-vintage collectible items: Because we do not only provide paperwork and documents, but also art, tradition and craftsmanship, as part of our traditional values. Our medals and decorations, with its artisan touch and mixture of metals are what actually make you become a Lord or Lady, because they do have a soul.

How do you get the title of Lord nowadays?

We certainly do not live anymore in a Feudal Society, where we are all either Lords or Tenants. Times have changed. However, our method has proven to be extremely effective.

In our Retro-Vintage site for collectors you will find a wide variety of German and European Royal Titles for you to choose. We have titles from the ranks of Lord and Lady to the ranks of Prince and Princess, as well as wonderfully Germanic titles of Baron, Baroness, Count or Countess.

German Count.

We are sure that our titles will change your life for good. The German Titles of Lord and Lady, as well as other Noble Titles like Baron, Count or Prince have been carefully selected to give you the best glamour experience, as well as our carefully designed medals and beautiful set of documents.

In order to get your title of Lord or any other title, just browse our website, have a look, see the wonderful pictures of the documents, folders, guides and medals that we send, and all will be easier for you. Hopefully, you will have discovered a little new world, old and ancient, in which tradition is still important, and certain social values still matter. If you want to become a nobleman, this is your chance!

How do you buy a title in modern times?

In order to buy an effective, usable, legal and actual title that you can use in your daily life and even use it in your documents if needed, you can use our services and choose a title for you or your loved ones. We do have many titles available, including the traditional titles of Lord and Lady. For those with a more romantic style, we do have available the always fashionable titles of Baron and Baroness, with all the reminiscence attached to them. If you feel like a bit more of grandeur is needed, we also have titles of Count and Countess, Marquis or Marchioness. And if you think you deserve something more decadent, we also have the Viscount titles.

But there is still more!!!

If it is not enough, you can always go for the super-titles of Duke and Duchess, or for the most daring and ambitious, you can choose your very own title of Prince and Princess and make the dream come true!

And if you still want something more royal, more German, and even more commanding, with a medieval touch, you can choose the royal titles of Archduke or Prince Elector, almost king-like titles, for those who need something totally different.

So, yes, you still can buy German titles in modern times, and know you know how to do it.

We have titles for everyone, male or female, of any age. If you read carefully our website and see the wonderful pictures of our medals and our titles, you will be very happy and will wish to be part of our elite family of titled persons.

Life-changing Motives to buy a German Noble Title

Winter Palace.

Many clients have reported improvements, upgrades, and fantastic experiences in the following areas:

Some have been offered free upgrades in Airlines
Others have got impressive discount deals and courtesy upgrades in Luxury Cruises and Liners Some have told that some Boutique Hotels offered them free upgrades to suites
The Best Restaurants suddenly have the best tables available to book!
Banking Upgrades: bank managers do respect the power of a respected name, as image is everything in the financial world!
Free Discounts in many shops and luxury malls!
Elite Clubs: yes, they suddenly open your doors for you!
Increased Respect: we all respect people above our station. You will discover how it feels. It does feel great!
Instant Ice-Breaker and Talking Point: men and women will be more approachable.
The ability to influence people effortlessly: yes, it will be much easier, as it is always easier to influence others when you are top of the food chain!
Interesting and Beautiful Men and Women will suddenly listen to You, as many men virtually adore titled women, and many women like titled men. Don’t get behind! Enjoy the advantage!